Bulls and Barrels Beach Rodeo 2024

The Foragers were invited to have a tent at the second Bulls and Barrels Rodeo. Last year’s event was a successful and fun event for the club, so we agreed to attend again. This year, we attended both days with members Sarah, William, Luther, Lili, Taylor, Dylan, and Nina coming out to educate the public […]

February 2024 Meeting

At this month’s meeting, the Foragers learned about “Identifying Honeybees” from Dylan. We found out that drone bees are bigger bees, but they are not elongated or have pointed abdomens like the queen bee. Dylan also told us that he likes drone bees because they can’t sting and they look cute and furry. Members also […]

Foragers Visit the Adult Bee Clubs

The club’s members conducted their adult bee club tours this spring. This is when club members visit each club and update the adult members on their accomplishments, as well as what the club has been doing, since last visiting. This time, the Foragers visited the Norfolk Beekeepers Association in March and the Tidewater Beekeepers Club […]

Foragers Attend the First Bulls and Barrels Beach Rodeo

This year, Virginia Beach hosted the first Bulls and Barrels Beach Rodeo, and the Foragers were invited to come out and teach rodeo goers about honeybees. It was a windy day at the beach, but there were lots of people that our members were able to educate about honeybees. We had an observation hive with […]

Foragers June 2022 Meeting Update

It’s been a couple of months since we have been able to meet. We didn’t have our normal location due to voting events, and last month was a very short Zoom meeting. But…this month we were able to finally meeting in person at the club’s apiary. The meeting kicked off with club member Ellie giving […]

Hive Winterization 2021

With colder weather on its way, the Foragers needed to prepare the club hive for winter. The last time we did an inspection, we also did a varroa mite check and found our count was six mites. This time we needed to recheck the mite count, do a treatment depending on the count, check the […]

We Now Have a Club Hive

It is very exciting news that our club now has a hive. After a swarm call, we reached out to the club to see if any members would be able to go and collect the swarm. Luckily, Lynn and Alexia were available on short notice and headed out. They arrived at Parkdale Private School and […]

Foragers February 2020 Meeting

For our February monthly meeting, club member Angel presented her educational program on the queen bee. We learned: The queen is more like a mother of the hive and not really a ruler. Attendant bees feed and clean her. The queen usually only leaves the hive for her nuptial mating flight or if the hive […]

Foragers January 2020 Meeting

The Foragers had a packed January meeting. We started with our normal business meeting. Our member, Ellie, gave her educational program on the queen bee. We learned that: You can identify the queen by her long abdomen and faint stripes when compared to the worker bees. Beekeepers use five different colors to mark the queen […]