We Now Have a Club Hive

It is very exciting news that our club now has a hive. Mr. Hodgie received a swarm call and we reached out to the club to see if any members would be able to go and collect the swarm with him. Luckily, Lynn and Alexia were available on short notice and headed out with Mr. […]

Foragers Visit The Adult Bee Clubs

A couple of years ago, the Foragers visited the Tidewater Beekeepers Association and the Norfolk Beekeepers Association to share with them what our club does. Each club graciously donated to our club. So this month, we decided to return to each of the club’s monthly meetings and update them on what our members have been […]

Forager Beekeeper Brainstorming

Foragers September 2019 Meeting

September marks the close of the 4H year and October starts the new year. That means our club holds elections during the September meeting. We got to hear several speeches from club members telling us what office they wanted to run for and why the club should vote for them to hold the position. Congratulations […]

Foragers Hive Inspection

Norfolk Christian Hive Inspection Field Day for the Foragers

The Foragers combined a field day with a community service project last weekend when they visited Ms. Sandra’s apiary at Norfolk Christian School to do a hive inspection. The Foragers started the day with a tip on getting a quick health check of a beehive from Mr. Hodgie: if the bees are bringing in pollen, […]