Foragers Member Highlight: 4-H Ambassador Sarah

A big congratulations to Sarah for becoming a 4-H Amabassador for Virginia. Twenty ambassadors represent the state, and two of those are elected from each district in the state.

She ran during the State Congress in June and was elected by the constituents. To get her votes, Sarah had to deliver a speech to the assembly and campaign during the week of the congress. Some of her campaigning efforts included making buttons and handing out candy and honey sticks. Her dedication to campaigning was successful, and she was elected to represent her 4-H district at the state level.

As an ambassador, Sarah must represent her district at various events, like meeting the Governor at the opening night of the Virginia State Fair. They also attend the 4-H Day at the State Capitol to do various activities in support of the event. Another important responsibility of the position is to meet several times throughout the year to plan events in the upcoming year.

We are very proud of our club member Sarah and wish her much success in her new position in the 4-H organization.

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