Bulls and Barrels Beach Rodeo 2024

The Foragers were invited to have a tent at the second Bulls and Barrels Rodeo. Last year’s event was a successful and fun event for the club, so we agreed to attend again. This year, we attended both days with members Sarah, William, Luther, Lili, Taylor, Dylan, and Nina coming out to educate the public about the importance of our beloved pollinators.

We had our honey bee origami for the young ones to do. And as always, the observation hive from club members Paul, Sarah, and William’s hive, was our biggest attraction. With the big sign challenging the public to find the queen in the hive, we drew many people in and allowed our members to explain about the different types of bees in the hive and other interesting information.

The club was able to raise funds by selling water, sports drinks, and their member-created magnets. Thanks to our members for their hard work representing our Foragers club at the Rodeo!

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