March 2024 Meeting

This month, the Foragers had their Skillathon game, which tests their knowledge about honeybees. The game is set up in the style of a Jeopardy game, with two rounds of questions and a final round for which each team can place wagers.

The club split up into two teams: NAL and Honeybees. Some of the questions the members were quizzed on include:

  • This is the organ in the honeybee’s antennae that is used to help it “hear” sound.
  • These are the two honeybee glands that are used in the process of making royal jelly.

Team NAL was up for most of the game, but in the final round, Honeybees took the whole game when there were able to correctly answer what color a queen should be marked if it were born in 2024 (the answer was green).

Congrats to Team Honeybees for winning the game and gift cards to Chic-fil-A!

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