New Apiary Location

The Foragers have moved to a new apiary in Virginia Beach. We have been so lucky to have had our first apiary hosted at club member Angel’s house, but the distance is making it harder to get to and properly care for the club’s hive. The the presentation of our club’s activities to the Norfolk Beekeepers Association in March, we met Mr. Brian. He offered to help mentor our club and to allow us to move our club’s apiary to his property. In addition to that, he also donated one of his active hives to the club.

Our members visited our new apiary, and Mr. Brian allowed us to choose which hive we wanted for the club. Club members performed a hive inspection while there and will return in two weeks to remove the varroa mite treatment. We welcome Mr. Brian to our club and give big thanks to Angel and Ms. Sasha for hosting the Forager’s first apiary on their property.

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