Foragers June 2022 Meeting Update

It’s been a couple of months since we have been able to meet. We didn’t have our normal location due to voting events, and last month was a very short Zoom meeting. But…this month we were able to finally meeting in person at the club’s apiary.

The meeting kicked off with club member Ellie giving her education presentation to the club on pollination.

We then proceeded to make plans for our Annual Forager Fun Day, an upcoming service project to weed the local adult beekeeper’s club apiary, and plan our bee vacuum workshop.

The Foragers got an update on the club apiary. We have been able to sell two of our club nucs. Unfortunately, we’ve had two swarms from our hives recently. But luckily, club member Angel and Ms. Sasha were able to collect them and put them back in a nuc. Our original hive has a virgin queen in it. And we still have two more nucs and a queen castle with three queens in there.

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