Foragers December 2021 Meeting

Our December meeting was full of fun this month. We first started with our officer inductions. We had a fun ceremony this year for 7 officers ending with a trail mix of ingredients that were added one by one by each officer.

  • Freeze-dried strawberries: As the Foragers Club President, Sarah is the club’s leader. The strawberries represents her “berry” important role in helping guide her club through the next year.
  • Sunflower seeds: As Foragers Vice President, Cody’s role is to assist the President and provide a balance in the club’s leadership. The salty sunflower seeds are a reminder of the balance he adds.
  • Rolos: As Foragers Secretary, Lili will take roll, keep minutes and manage correspondence. The Rolos invite her to put some fun into the monthly roll!
  • Jelly beans: As Foragers Treasurer, Angel will be the club’s “bean counter,” she will be adding up the numbers and tracking the club’s expenses and income. The jelly beans signify the importance of her job to ensure that the club continues in future years.
  • Chocolate chips: As Foragers Reporter, Luther will be “sprinkling” information about the club’s adventures into the community. We asked that he please sprinkle the chocolate chips into the mix to represent his valuable job of attracting interest in the club.
  • Sweet Skinny Pop: As Foragers Historian, everyone will have a way to remember the club year because of William’s job. He will soon be “popping” up all over with his camera. The popcorn represents his important role to the club.
  • Pretzel Twists: As Foragers Pledge & Motto Leader, Mary leads the club through the pledges and motto at every meeting. The pretzel twists are a reminder of how important she is in helping our members when they twist the words.

Following the ceremony, we presented awards and certificates to our member for the past two years. All members received an Outstanding Member Award for the past two years. Even though we didn’t have the number of club opportunities as in the past due to COVID, we are very proud the majority of our members stayed active in the club, especially when we could only meet via Zoom. Other awards were presented for community service work on the Bees Knees Hive Building Workshop, to our outgoing officers for the service, and for completion of the Entrepreneur Program. The night ended with a holiday party potluck. We also had a white elephant gift exchange for the members.

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