Foragers Club Hive Update – Feb 2022

Our area finally had nice, warm weather that allowed us do to a hive inspection on the Foragers hive at our apiary at Ms. Sasha’s house. Two of our members, Giana and Gabriel, came to learn and take part in the inspection.

During the inspection, we found the queen as well as brood in both of our boxes. Mr. Hodgie says the colony is very strong, but he warns that we need to keep an eye on them because of the potential that they may swarm since they are so strong and may run out of room. And they still have plenty of food.

Mr. Hodgie also gave an update on the other three hives we have that are currently located on his property. We had one of our nucs die out, unfortunately. The other nuc is doing very good as well as the hive that we started with the queen that hatched right into Mr. Hodgie’s hand. We will be increasing our frequency of hive inspections to two per month now that the weather is getting warmer.

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