Foragers Send Heartfelt Thank You to Adult Bee Clubs

Back in October, the Foragers visited the Norfolk Beekeepers Association and the Tidewater Beekeepers Association in what the club called the Adult Beekeeping Club Speaking Tour. During this tour, our members got the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills by presenting their activities and progress they’ve made in becoming a young beekeeper. We had new members with just a few months in the club to very seasoned members who have been in the club for years speaking to the groups. We were very proud of our members who did a fantastic job of speaking to a room full of adults, which is not an easy feat as a young person.

As a result of our efforts, the clubs each made a significant donation to the Foragers, for which we are very thankful. Their donations support the making of the future beekeepers, politicians, and scientists that are our members, who will have the ability to shape the world into a place that respects and understands the importance of not only honey bees, but all pollinators. We felt strongly about sending heartfelt thank you’s to the clubs for their generosity so we decided to make a basket filled with baked goodies and candies to send to their club’s Christmas parties. We hoped that they enjoyed them! Thanks again to the Norfolk Beekeepers Association and Tidewater Beekeepers Association for supporting our club.

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