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Foragers November 2019 Meeting

This month’s meeting was a fun ceremony of inducting our new club officers for the 2019/2020 4-H year. For the induction, we used a trail mix theme to conduct the ceremony. The idea was that each officer would be inducted and would accept an integral ingredient for the trail mix.  As each officer was inducted, the Forager would add the ingredient to the mix. It was a symbolic gesture to show the club members that each person adds a special ingredient (or skill) to the club and once mixed together, create a successful club, of which all member can enjoy the benefits. So the ingredient list was as follows:

  • The President, Paul, accepted rice chex cereal as the foundation of the trail mix
  • The Vice President, Alexia, accepted frito corn chips to add some flavor to the mix
  • The Secretary, Gabby, accepted sunflower seeds to symbolize the tasty details she is responsible for.
  • The Treasurer, Ashton, accepted coconut flakes to remember to keep from going nutty this year by remembering the coconut in the mix.
  • The Historian, Sarah, accepted raisins as a reminder to preserve the club’s terrific memories of the year.
  • The Reporter, Lynn, accepted chocolate chips as a reminder to share the club’s sweet information.
  • The Pledge and Motto Leader, Ellie, accepted accepted pretzel sticks as a reminder to keep us all straight when we say our pledges at the beginning of our meetings.

We ended the night with yummy food which we shared with two new families who attended our meeting. Good luck to our new officers in their positions this 4-H year!

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