Foragers Visit The Adult Bee Clubs

A couple of years ago, the Foragers visited the Tidewater Beekeepers Association and the Norfolk Beekeepers Association to share with them what our club does. Each club graciously donated to our club. So this month, we decided to return to each of the club’s monthly meetings and update them on what our members have been up to since we last visited.

At the Tidewater Beekeepers meeting, members Alexia, Tiara, Lynn, Nina, Ashten, Kayla, Alana, and Angel spoke about their achievements in the club. And at the Norfolk Beekeepers meeting, Alexia, Tiara, Lynn, Nina, Sarah, Paul, Kayla, Ellie, and Luther spoke about what they have done in the club. The attendees at the meeting learned that most of our members have held Officer positions in the club, many of them have owned or do own bees. Several have been featured in local newspapers, in an HBO documentary, won state essay contests, prestigious awards and have written books!! Club leader, Ms. Jen, is so proud of all of the members who had the courage to stand up in front of adults and speak about their beekeeping experience.

Again, each club voted to donate additional funds to the Forager’s mission of making young beekeepers. We are so grateful for the clubs’ support which helps funds our Hive Incentive Program where every member can earn their first beehive.

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