Foragers August 2019 Meeting

For the August meeting, the Foragers made officer nominations and conducted our honey bee Skillathon. Before the nominations, our club member Paul gave the educational program on Sugar Water.

The 4H year runs from October through September, so next month is the last month of our year. So we will be having elections for new officers next month. We fill positions for:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Historian
  • Reporter
  • Pledge and Motto Leader

After nominations, we began our honey bee Skillathon, which is a requirement in the Hive Incentive Program. If you are curious as to what a Skillathon is like, you can imagine Jeopardy with honey bee only questions. Categories in the Skillathon range from honey bee morphology to honey bee communication. We use the information found in the 4H Honey Bee Project Book I and Project Book II, as well as questions from the study guide for the Virginia State Beekeeper Apprentice Test. Some of the questions the Foragers were quizzed on were:

  • This is the organ in the honey bee’s antennae that is used to help it “hear” sound? (answer: Johnston’s organ)
  • This is the term for when different members of the colony have specific jobs that help the colony function as a whole. (answer: division of labor)
  • This honey bee has no stinger. (answer: drone)
  • Queens do this to find other queens in the hive. (answer: pipe)

This evening, we had two teams of five players. It was a tight game all the way through. And even though both teams answered the final question correctly, the blue team wagered more and beat the green team. Thanks to club member mom, Ms. Aimee, for providing prizes for all players and for bringing snacks.


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