Foragers Fun Day and July 2019 Meeting

This month the Foragers got to float in a swimming pool while conducting our 4H business meeting. Due to a bad storm and knocking out the building where the Foragers hold their meetings, we had to cancel the regularly scheduled meeting. Luckily, we had planned our annual fun day of a pool party at club leader, Jen’s house, so we decided to hold the meeting on the same day. The Foragers started the festivities with rounds of billiards (not the “pool party” originally planned!).  Thanks to club member dad, Mr. Jim, for teaching the members the rules of the game.

Foragers playing billiards.

After playing pool, the Foragers moved to the swimming pool for swimming and diving board fun. At the end, we squeezed in our rescheduled meeting. Club members got to float in the pool while the meeting was conducted, quite a different, yet fun way of attending a 4H business meeting.

Parents enjoying the  outdoors during the business meeting.

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